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More and more South Africans are looking for alternatives to power their homes and businesses. In the long-term, the best thing to do is to invest in high-quality equipment that will last a long time and that doesn’t give you any headaches along the way. However, for many people, this large initial investment is often a stumbling block. One of the solutions for this can be a loan for your solar PV system. There are a growing number of financial mechanisms available that can finance your solar PV system. We have listed some of them below, please note there are several other financing options as well.

Please contact us if you are interested in one of the options below.

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     The ‘quick and dirty’ answer: As a very rough rule of thumb - same as your solar panel system; for a 6-kilowatt peak (kWp) system, you would need a 6-kW inverter.   Have a look at SunStore's Inverters: Click Here   A more precise answer: Solar inverters are one of the most important components of a solar panel system. They’re responsible for converting direct current (DC) electricity from your solar panels to alternating current (AC) electricity to power...

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  Bifacial (“two-faced”) solar panels can capture solar power from both sides of the panel. Bifacial solar panels offer many advantages over traditional solar panels. Power can be produced from both sides of a bifacial module, increasing total energy generation. In general, more power can be generated from bifacial modules for the same area.   Traditional solar panels capture sunlight on one light-absorbing side, and light energy that cannot be captured is simply reflected away. This is not the case...

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Solar quotes can be difficult to understand. Once you have received several quotes from reputable companies, what are the key points you would need to look for to be able to compare the quotes? In this blog post we hope to give you some pointers for things to look for.

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(Read more about Lithium batteries here)   People often claim that Lithium batteries are expensive, and although initial costs are higher, Lithium batteries are cheaper over a longer period. In this article, we will try and compare batteries that use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry with Lead-Acid batteries, in terms of capacity, longevity and price over an extended period of time. We will conclude that LiFePO4 batteries are about 40% cheaper in the long run, next to having a range of other benefits. We will...

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