Solar Kit 3 "Micro" 3.3 kWp 48V

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      • 3.3 kWp Solar panels
      • 5 kVA Victron EasySolar inverter
      • 5.6 kWh Lithium battery


This is a 3.3 kWp solar system, 5 kVA inverter, and with an 5.6 kWh battery, roughly sufficient for a medium-sized household.

The 9 panels that make up the kit will provide 9 x 365 Wp or 3,290 per hour - and if you get the full 5.5 sun hours a day, you will get about 14 kWh of power - sufficient to charge the 5.6 kWh battery every day and power some of the load. 

Before you install a solar system, we strongly encourage you to try and lower your electricity consumption by using gas for heating water and cooking, LED lights, and using other energy efficient appliances. Have a look at our blog on 9 easy steps towards a home solar installation.

The 5.6 kWh battery will provide roughly 6 hours of battery backup under the same load of 14 kWh per day. The less load you put on the system the longer the battery will last.

This 48 V kit is made up of:


- 9 x 365 Wp Canadian Solar Panels (dependent on stock)
Victron EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT 150/100 Color Control
- I-G3N J-Series 5.6 kWh Lithium LiFePO4 battery

Optional: installation (Gauteng only)

The installation includes all things necessary for regular installations, and we will do a site visit before if necessary. This includes:

- Mounting of the Panels
- Cables, electric Consumables such as fuse boxes, trunking, fuses.
- Installation of all components

- Commissioning and Certificate of Completion (for more info: click here

Please refer to the FAQ section
 here on what is included in the installation.