I-G3N Nano 750 - Portable Power Station

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To cope with the trend of outdoor activities, Prime 750 delivers power for outdoor creation, disaster release, and mobile working, etc. Working as a lithium portable power station, Prime 750 powers up many devices and tooling in daily life, it makes your life and work more convenient and free.

Key Features

- designed for outdoor application with rugged construction.

- DC & AC all-in-one operation to master numerous tasks.

- Own-developed pure sine wave inverter built-in.

- lithium-ion battery cell along with other quality components

- light-weight, compact and reliable.

- As a lithium power generator, it generates power without noise or fuss.

Technical specifications:

weight: 7.5 kg

Capacity: 786.24Wh (10.8V / 72.8Ah)

Dimensions: 349 × 160 × 285 mm

Adaptor Input: AC Wall Charger 12.6V /10A Max.

Solar Input: 12.5V-25V/Max. Power up to 125W

USB Output: 1 x 5V 1A + 1 x 5V 2A + 1 x 5V 2.4A

DC Output: 2 x 12V 2.5A

Cigar Lighter: 1 x 12V 5A/60W

AC Output: 2 x 230V/50Hz or 2 x 110V/60Hz

Lighting: 1W High Brightness LED with SOS mode





User Manual

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