Victron Orion-Tr non-Smart Isolated DC-DC Charger

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Our range of Victron Orion non-Smart Isolated DC-DC chargers.

These are non-Smart chargers (no Bluetooth), for Smart chargers, click here.
Contact us for other types of Orions, for an overview of all DC-DC chargers, click here.

The Orion-Tr DC-DC charger is a professional DC to DC adaptive 3-stage charger with built-in Bluetooth.

For use in dual battery systems in vehicles or on boats where the alternator and the start battery are used to charge the service battery. The unit can be monitored and programmed via Bluetooth and can be remotely controlled via a remote on/off switch and has an engine running detection mechanism.

Optional: Orion-Tr DC-DC Charger Isolated remote cable

Orion-Tr DC-DC Charger Isolated remote cable

The Orion Tr charger can be used in 12V or 24V systems and is suitable for both lead acid and lithium batteries. Models are available up to 400W and unlimited multiple units can be connected in parallel to increase output power.

Suitable for high temperatures up to 55°C with a full rated output up to 40°C.
The remote on-off eliminates the need for a high current switch in the input wiring. The remote on-off can be operated with a low power switch or by for example the engine run/stop switch (see manual).

Adjustable output voltage: can also be used as a battery charger; for example to charge a 12 Volt starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 24V system. 

All models are short circuit proof and can be paralleled to increase output current. An unlimited number of units can be connected in parallel. 

IP43 protection - When installed with the screw terminals oriented downwards. Screw terminals - No special tools needed for installation.


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