SunStore Combo Deal 5

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(battery and installation not included)



      • 3.69 KWp Canadian Solar panels
      • 5 kVA Victron MultiPlus II inverter
      • Victron Charge Controller 150/70 Tr


This is our "Combo Deal": 3.69 kWp solar PV array and a 5 kVA inverter, roughly sufficient for a fairly medium-sized household. The sizing is similar to our "Kilo" kit, without a battery and communication module.

Grow your system

This solar kit is designed for you to expand your system in the future. All components can easily be added on later. An additional MultiPlus can be connected in parallel, additional batteries and solar panels can be added as well.


The 9 panels that make up the kit will provide 9 x 410 Wp or 3,690 Wp per hour - and if you get the full 5.5 sun hours a day, you will get about 18 kWh of power.

Before you install a solar system, we strongly encourage you to try and lower your electricity consumption by using gas for heating water and cooking, LED lights, and using other energy efficient appliances. Have a look at our blog on 9 easy steps towards a home solar installation.

This 48V Combo deal is made up of:


- 9 x 410 Wp Canadian Solar Panels
- Victron MultiPlus II 48/5000/70-50
Victron BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr charge controller



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