BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS 48V

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The BYD Battery-Box Premium LVS is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack for use with an external inverter. A single Battery-Box Premium LVS contains between 1 to 6 battery modules LVS stacked in parallel and can reach 4 to 24.0 kWh usable capacity in one tower.

The battery is compatible with: Fronius, Victron Multiplus, Quattro and EasySolar 48V Inverters/Chargers; with Goodwe and SMA Sunny Island Inverters etc.

Battery-Box Premium LVS is aimed for PV self-consumption optimisation for residential and light commercial on-grid and off-grid applications including capabilities for high-powered emergency-backup systems.

The Battery Box LVS is available in the following kWh sizes (each unit comes complete with the PDU (Power Distribution Unit) and the BMU (Battery Management Unit):

Type kWh

max Cont.
utput Current (A)

LVS 4 4.0 65
LVS 8 8.0 130
LVS 12 12.0 195
LVS 16 16.0 250
LVS 20 20.0 250
LVS 24 24.0 250

kWh - kilo Watt hour
A - Amperes

The BYD B-Box Premium LVS is aimed at optimizing self-consumption for on- and off-grid applications in the residential and commercial market.

The new battery storage also has protection rating IP55. This means that the BYD B-Box Premium LVS 12.00 can also be used outdoors.

Since the BYD battery has a modular design, the battery storage system can be subsequently expanded in 4.00 kWh steps. 1 to 6 battery modules fit in a battery tower. As a result, the capacity is between 4.00 kWh and 24.00 kWh.

In total, up to 64 modules can be connected in parallel for maximum flexibility to achieve a total capacity of 256.00 kWh.

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