Victron CANvu GX - System monitoring

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Please note:

You will need the CANvu GX IO Extender and wiring kit as well.

Please note:
For 48V systems, you will need a 48V-24V converter.


The CANvu GX is a product in the Victron GX product family, and allows for monitoring of your Victron system. 


With the CANvu GX, you will be able access all your system information via touch screen – and because the CANvu GX is a sealed-unit, you can install it in some challenging environments! The IP67 rating of the CANvu GX means that it is completely protected against dust ingress, and can even withstand half an hour’s immersion in water 1 metre deep!


The CANvu GX is part of the GX family – the information gateway which allows you to set-up, monitor and manage all the component parts of your energy installation. The GX gathers data from your inverter, battery monitor, charge controller and batteries to allow optimal communication between components, maximising battery-charging and solar harvest.


With the CANvu GX, now this information can be displayed outdoors, or in difficult environments, ideal on board vessels at sea, or on building sites – in applications such as the control panel of Hybrid Generators. It is also ideal in factories where industrial processes are wet, or dusty.


The unit comes with a dash/fascia mounting kit. 


The full colour screen of the CANvu GX will be familiar both in appearance and size to anyone who has seen or used the CCGX. The system offers 3 VE.Direct ports and one USB port; a second, separate CAN-bus port; and it can receive digital inputs. It doesn’t have a buzzer. WiFi is not built-in, but a USB WiFi dongle can be attached.

The CANvu GX IO Extender and wiring kit is always needed and can be found by Clicking Here.

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CANvu GX Manual