Victron Lynx Distributor DC

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The Victron Lynx Distributor DC is a modular DC bus bar, with locations for four DC fuses (Fuses not included). It will monitor the status of each fuse, and indicate its condition with a LED on the front. The distributor is part of the modular Lynx distribution system.

Contains a positive and negative bus-bar and provides a connection for 4 individual DC equipment circuits, loads or DC groups. It has a space for individual DC fuses per DC group.

There is an optional feature of an LED for each fuse to indicate if the fuse is blown.

If you wish to use the fuse indication LEDs on the Lynx Distributor, it also requires a connection to a Lynx Shunt. The Lynx Shunt contains the necessary wide input (8 to 70VDC) power supply to output the required 5V (4,5V-5,5V) power requirement of the Lynx Distributor circuit board.