Victron Energy Meter ET112 Single phase

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The Victron ET112 (for single-phase max. 100A) Energy Meter is typically used in a Victron Energy Storage System, to measure the power and energy of the whole application at the distribution box. Or to measure the output of a PV Inverter, to display the data on the Color Control GX and the VRM Portal.

For three-phase systems, use the Victron ET340 meter or the Victron EM24 meter.

The Victron ET112 Energy Meter can be used for:

      • Grid meter, and used as control input for a Victron ESS System.
      • Measure the output of a PV Inverter
      • Measure the output of an AC Genset

This meter is the same as the Carlo Gavazzi meter ET112-DIN.AV01.X.S1.X.

Make sure you don't forget the Victron RS485 to USB interface Cable.


Download Manual Energy Meter ET112