Victron Orion-Tr Isolated DC-DC Converter

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Isolated DC to DC converters with remote switching capability available for both 12v and 24v systems.

DC to DC converters can be used for multiple purposes including the following:

      1. Powering 12V devices from a 24V system and vice versa.
      2. Providing a stable DC output for sensitive equipment.
      3. Reducing power system interference on radio and electronic equipment.
      4. Charging a start battery.

Victron Orion converters allow a wide voltage input and a stable user adjustable output making them ideal for use with sensitive DC equipment such as computers, displays, radio and electronic equipment and LEDs. Equipment such as computers are normally used with a mains power adaptor providing a constant stable DC output. These devices cannot be powered directly from on-board DC power due to the frequent large voltage changes typical onboard. A DC converter provides a stable DC output allowing their use on board. Isolated converters have no physical connection between input and output also allowing them to be used to reduce electrical system interference typical on radio and electronic equipment. Orion DC converters can also be used as battery chargers for a start battery and can be connected in parallel to provide greater power.

Adjustable output voltage: can also be used as a battery charger: For example to charge a 12 Volt starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 24V system.

All models are short circuit proof and can be paralleled to increase output current
An unlimited number of units can be connected in parallel.

IP43 protection: When installed with the screw terminals oriented downwards.

Screw terminals: No special tools needed for installation.

Input fuse: On 12V and 24V input models only.

12 / 24 / 48 Volt


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