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There are plenty of options available when it comes to selecting an inverter. Inverters vary in size, efficiency, performance, and capabilities. So what’s the best solution for you? The key questions you have to answer are the following:   Do you have a single phase or three-phase electricity supply? Do you want back-up power from a battery? What is the size of your solar panel array? How much power are your appliances using?   What is an inverter? An inverter...

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This is a handy tool that will help you with estimating your energy consumption and with the sizing of your solar PV system. Download The Solar System Sizing Calculator (Version 20.2 Updated February 2020) SunStore will take no liability arising from or relating to your use of this tool. It is the user's responsibility to seek further consultation if they are not familiar with solar system sizing.   Read more: SunStore Solar System Sizing Calculator9 Easy Steps towards installing SolarSolar panels -...

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