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Victron Communication Cables – What to use Where?

This blog contains a selection of commonly used communication cable types as used in Victron inverter - charger systems.


1. RJ45 straight UTP cable

This cable is used for computer networks, internet, ethernet, but also used for inverter/ chargers to communicate to each other and to a GX product. This is a cable with 8 conductors.

Victron UTP RJ45 cableVictron UPT RJ45 cable

In a straight cable, pin 1 on one side connects to pin 1 on the other side, pin 2 connects to pin 2 and so on. To test if the cable is wired correctly you can use a cable tester. Victron uses this cable for VE.Bus and VE.Can applications.

Victron UTP R45 cable

At SunStore we sell the type A (e.g. for BYD batteries) and type B (e.g. for Pylontech batteries) cables in 2 lengths -Click Here; for the I-G3N battery, a straight cable is required. Click here for the Victron RJ45 UTP cables.

It is not recommended to make these cables yourself. A badly crimped connector can be the cause of hard to diagnose system faults.

The RJ45 cross over cable looks like a regular “straight” RJ45 UTP cable. These were used in old computer networks or used by other inverter manufacturers. These cables cannot be used for Victron equipment.


2. RJ45 terminator

Victron UTP RJ45 Terminator

The RJ45 is used to terminate a daisy chain CANbus network. One terminator is placed at the first item in the chain and one at the last item in the chain. The terminators are often included when you buy the Victron components, but can be found on our website by clicking here.


3. RJ45 cable with special pinouts

These cables look like regular “straight” RJ45 UTP cables, but they have been rewired to serve a specific purpose. These type of cables are for special applications.

In Victron they are used between specific batteries and GX devices. Cable labelling is very important, as it indicates how the cable is internally wired.


4. VE.Direct cable

Victron VE.Direct cableThe VE.Direct cable is 4 core data cable, used for connecting the SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers to the GX devices, for example.

At SunStore we sell the cable in different lengths (e.g. 0.3, 0.9, 1.8, 3.0, 5.0 and 10.0 meters) and in straight and angled versions (for the Color Control GX), Click Here

5. MK3 to USB interface

Victron MK3 to USB interfaceThis interface is used to connect a computer to a VE.Bus product. The MK3 replaced the MK2 interface. The MK2 can still be used. This product is for sale at SunStore, Click Here.



6. VE.Direct to USB interface













Victron VE.Direct to USB interfaceThis interface is used to connect a computer to a VE.Direct product or used to connect a VE.Direct product to a GX device USB port. There is only one length available, and for sale at SunStore, Click Here


    7. RS485 to USB interface

    This interface is used to connect an energy meter (e.g. the Victron Energy Meter ET112) to a GX device; we sell this interface at SunStore in two different lengths (1.8 and 5.0 meters), Click Here.

    RS485 to USB interface Victron Cable


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    Source: Adapted from: Victron Energy, Wiring Unlimited - Rev 06 47


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